About CSC

CSC is a national center of expertise in ICT, providing an ecosystem of infrastructure and know-how in HPC to support research and education in Finland. CSC is a trusted and reliable European actor and partner in various European projects.

  • CSC has both knowledge and experience in covering the entire lifecycle of an HPC center – from planning and construction to maintenance and usage as well as a solid track record of planning and implementing six fully equipped, functional data centers since 1989.
  • As one token of our reliability and commitment, CSC holds the ISO 27001 certificate as one of the first datacenters in Finland.
  • CSC has just announced the procurement of the new national supercomputer, that will provide Finnish researchers with European leading computing capacity and enable new research breakthroughs. The new system will be placed in CSC’s data center in Kajaani.
  • More information: Finland takes a giant leap in research and development
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The CSC datacenter in Kajaani is designed to take into account the requirements of critical HPC and provides excellent scalability, high availability, high security and flexibility

  • The reliability of CSC’s datacenter in Kajaani is extremely high. There are several power and communication lines as well as excellent fault tolerance available. Due to the reliable operations and excessive renewable power sources available, the probability of power failures is extremely low during the lifecycle of the CSC Kajaani datacenter.
  • The CSC datacenter is perfectly suited for modular expansion. The existing infrastructure has already been built for heavy industry use, and it can be re-built for the specific needs of our customers.
  • The Finnish National Research and Education Network (Funet) provides high-speed access to the Internet and worldwide research networks. It is based on reliable, congestion-free connectivity through the 100 Gbps national IP/MPLS backbone and 2 x 100 Gbps connections to NORDUnet, which connects Funet to GÉANT and other research networks worldwide.
  • Kajaani is the only supercomputing site in the Nordics supporting seamless MD-VPN integration for flexible international connectivity.
  • Excellent connectivity is available to all major commercial cloud providers through NORDUnet global peering infrastructure (Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Akamai, Facebook, Apple etc.).
  • Ethernet/InfiniBand switch infrastructure provides over 100 Tbit/s of aggregate bandwidth.
    Regional strengths
  • Kajaani is on its way to become an Arctic data hub. The Kajaani region is growing significantly around the datacenter ecosystem, centered on the Renforsin Ranta Business Park, formerly a UPM paper mill. Read more
  • The Arctic Connect project is exploring the possibilities of building a data cable through the Northeast Passage. If and when implemented, the cable would build a digital bridge between Europe and Asia.
  • CSC Kajaani datacenter is surrounded by regional data-analytics and ICT expertise. The datacenter industry has become one of Kajaani’s strengths alongside numerous ICT companies. Local authorities, universities, funding organisations and industry are all onboard in the ecosystem.
  • For data center employees, the region offers stunning nature, low living costs and excellent leisure activities. Read more