About CSC

CSC is a non-profit limited company, owned by the Finnish state and higher education institutions in Finland. CSC provides services to research, education, culture and public sector

National center of expertise in ICT

CSC provides an ecosystem of infrastructure and know-how in HPC to support research and education in Finland. CSC is a trusted and reliable European e-infrastructure actor and partner in various European projects. In addition to infrastructure, CSC provides specific customer support services, training and competence development.

Knowledge and experience

CSC has both the knowledge and experience in covering the entire lifecycle of an HPC center – from planning and construction to maintenance and usage, as well as a solid track record of planning and implementing six fully equipped, functional data centers since 1989.

CSC has just announced the procurement of the new national supercomputing and data management environment, that will provide Finnish researchers with European leading computing capacity and enable new research breakthroughs. The new system will be placed in CSC Datacenter in Kajaani.

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