EuroHPC is an EU initiative to fund a world-class European supercomputing infrastructure

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

EuroHPC is a key factor for the whole of Europe to promote digitalisation. To bridge the high-performance computing (HPC) and digital skills gap is an integral part of the ecosystem. The combination of HPC and other technologies such as big data, cloud services, and artificial intelligence is another essential part of the European digital agenda. Recent advances in artificial intelligence, such as deep learning, which are shaping the societies today and even more so in the future, are not possible without high-performance computing. 29 countries have signed the EuroHPC Declaration. Have a look at this video explaining European HPC strategy.

The EuroHPC Governing Board decided to place the exascale precursor supercomputers in Finland, Italy and Spain.

The budget for the EuroHPC JU in 2019–2020 is approximately 972 million Euros, which includes public investments from the EU and participating states as well as investments from private partners. The total budget of the EuroHPC pre-exascale system in CSC’s datacenter in Kajaani is 209 million Euros. Half of this funding comes from the EU and the other half from the consortium countries.

What is an exaflop?

Exascale supercomputers are the next big step in high-performance computing. One exaflop means processor computing power corresponding to 1018 floating point calculations per second or one trillion calculations per second. When installed and launched in the beginning of 2020, the LUMI supercomputer in Kajaani, Finland, will have processor peak computing power of over 200 petaflop/s or 0.2 exaflop/s. In other words, about ten times more powerful than the most powerful supercomputer currently in Europe.

LUMI: one of the most competitive supercomputers in the world

  • At the time of installation, one of the world’s fastest computer systems, the theoretical computing power of more than 200 quintillion calculations per second.
  • Performance more than tenfold compared to Europe’s fastest supercomputer today (Piz Daint, Switzerland).
  • LUMI’s computing power is equivalent to the combined performance to 600,000 of the latest MacBook Pro computers. These would form a 9.3-kilometer tower.
  • Its data reading speed from disk to memory corresponds to the simultaneous operation of 18500 Blu Ray players.
  • LUMI is the size of a basketball court.
  • Storage: over 60 petabytes with a sizeable flash layer providing more than 1 terabytes of bandwidth.
  • Used technologies: The supercomputer achieves its high performance with a large number of nodes with accelerators (GPUs). In addition the system is complemented by a CPU only partition, IaaS cloud services and a large object storage solution.



Machine room construction: June 2019 – June 2020
System procurement: July 2019 –
System installations: Q4/2020
Operations: Q1/2021-Q4/2026

Read more about the LUMI consortium.

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