EuroHPC is an EU initiative to fund a world-class European supercomputing infrastructure

World-class supercomputing to Europe

The European Union is investing heavily in high performance computing (HPC) to keep Europe globally competitive and to build a sustainable platform for advancing research, innovation and industrial growth. A total of 25 European countries have signed the EuroHPC Declaration. Finland signed the declaration in June 2018, making Finland a shareholder in the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking.

The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking has launched a funding call for hosting at least two pre-exascale systems. A consortium is being built, to host one of the pre-exascale machines and place it in the CSC Datacenter in Kajaani, Finland. The potential consortium countries are the Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway together with Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Switzerland. More countries are expected to join this consortium.

How to build a truly European next generation HPC infrastructure?

Collaboration: The core European values of openness, trust, and transparency are reflected in the way the consortium has been assembled, and the potential consortium countries share a long history in promoting them. A guiding principle is, that together we build expertise and are able to achieve more. We need to collaborate and pool our HPC resources and expertise in Europe. Read more about collaboration

Smart Specialisation: Finland is one of the best locations for datacenters, due to low operating costs, cool climate, stable geographical and political conditions and high security standards. Read more about smart specialisation

Sustainable Future: Reducing our global carbon footprint is a critical goal. The location of the EuroHPC machines will have a significant impact, as supercomputers consume vast amounts of electricity. The CSC datacenter in Kajaani has a negative carbon footprint. Read more about sustainable future

Read more in our brochure (pdf)

(Updated: 31.1.2019)