The guiding principle of this consortium is that added value is created by working together

Shared core values

EuroHPC is ultimately about the common European added value. The core European values of openness, trust, and transparency are reflected in the way the consortium has been assembled, and the potential consortium countries share a long history in promoting them. A guiding principle is, that together we build expertise and are able to achieve more. We need to collaborate and pool our HPC resources and expertise in Europe.

“The corner stones of the preparation for our European HPC consortium are Finnish world-class data intensive research and know-how as well as CSC’s unique service concept. Boosting our common skills development is the main driver for Finland and the potential partner countries to be part of European HPC development and cooperation. The pre-exascale supercomputer strengthens European co-operation and complements our national supercomputing environments.”

Sanni Grahn-Laasonen, Finland’s Minister of Education

Excellence and standing in HPC and data management

Purchasing supercomputers alone will not ensure Europe a leading place in innovation and science without the necessary training and skills development. Instead of only providing computing resources, at the core of the consortium’s expertise is the ability to provide comprehensive support services e.g. skills development, expert support and data management services.

  • The consortium builds on a solid tradition of collaboration in HPC and data management.
  • Each of the consortium partners has a long history of providing reliable and future proof services, such as training expert support and data management.
  • Many of the consortium countries are forerunners in founding and developing valuable European data entities

Continuity and commitment

The potential consortium countries cover over 30 per cent of the countries which have signed the EuroHPC declaration. The consortium countries invest significantly in R&D structures, and are consistently building up their competences. The guiding principle of this consortium is, that added value is created by working together.

Find out more in our EuroHPC brochure (pdf)