The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is launching a funding call for hosting at least two pre-exascale systems. There is a consortium being built, to host one pre-exascale machine and place it in the CSC datacenter in Kajaani, Finland. The potential consortium countries are Nordic countries Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway together with Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium and the Netherlands. More countries are set to join the consortium in future.

Shared core values

EuroHPC is ultimately about the common European added value. This consortium believes in openness and building trust, not exclusiveness. The potential consortium countries are among the least corrupt in the world – and recognized for promoting equality, freedom, democracy, rule of law, transparency and human rights.

Excellence and standing in HPC and data management

Purchasing supercomputers alone will not ensure Europe a leading place in innovation and science without the necessary training and skills development. This consortium is shifting the paradigm of supercomputing; instead of merely providing computing resources, at the core of the consortium’s expertise is the ability to provide comprehensive supporting services e.g. skills development, expert support and data management services.

  • The consortium builds on a solid tradition of collaboration in HPC and data management. The consortium countries have been actively involved in European collaboration in HPC and data management for years, for example through PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), where Switzerland is one of the five hosting members contributing to the computer systems and their operations. In addition, Finland currently holds the Vice Chair position of the PRACE Council.
  • Each of the consortium partners has a long history of providing reliable and future proof services, such as training expert support and data management. Three PRACE Training Centers are located in the consortium countries: in Finland, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, bringing world-class training in HPC and scientific computing free of charge to researchers all over Europe.
  • Many of the consortium countries are forerunners in founding and developing valuable European data entities, such as RDA (Research Data Alliance), EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) and EUDAT (European Data Infrastructure).

Continuity and commitment

The potential consortium countries cover over 30 per cent of the countries which have signed the EuroHPC declaration. The consortium countries invest significantly in R&D structures, and are consistently building up their competences.

  • According to OECD data, in EU, the average R&D expenditure was 1.96 % of the GDP in 2015. This percentage was exceeded by a vast majority of the consortium countries. Read more
  • According to ITIF 2016 Finland and Sweden are world top contributors to the global innovation system. Three other consortium countries; Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium, are among the top ten contributors.
  • Did you know that In QS Top Universities 2019 ranking ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ranked 7th in world’s universities. In top 150 there were 25 universities from the consortium member countries.

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