CSC Datacenter

World-class computing environment and data services in the heart of Finland

Kajaani – Home of supercomputing

The CSC data center in Kajaani is designed for the requirements of critical HPC (high performance computing) and its surrounded by an ecosystem of data-analytics and ICT expertise. Kajaani data center offers advantages such as energy and cost efficiency, societal and geographical stability and high security standards. See what makes CSC data center unique (video)


The reliability of CSC data center is extremely high. There are several power and communication lines as well as excellent fault tolerance available. Due to the stable operations and excessive renewable power sources available, the probability of power failures is very low. As one token of our reliability and commitment, CSC holds the ISO 27001 certificate as one of the first data centers in Finland.


The CSC data center is perfectly suited for modular expansion. The existing infrastructure has been built for heavy industry use, and it can be scaled for specific customer needs.


Kajaani is the only supercomputing site in the Nordics, that supports seamless MD-VPN integration for flexible international connectivity. Excellent connectivity is available to all cloud providers, including major commercial ones such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Akamai, Facebook, Apple etc., through the NORDUnet global peering infrastructure. The Ethernet/InfiniBand switch infrastructure provides over 100 Tbit/s of aggregate bandwidth.

Strong regional ecosystem

The Kajaani region is on its way to become an Arctic data hub, thanks to the growing data center ecosystem. The data center industry has become one of Kajaani’s strengths, engaging numerous ICT companies. In addition, local authorities, universities, funding organisations, and industry are all onboard in the ecosystem. The planned Arctic data cable will bring even more added value to this development.

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