Eco-efficiency and sustainability

The city of Kajaani is located in north-eastern Finland, and has only a few days each year when the temperature is above +25℃. The annual average temperature is below +3℃. Therefore Kajaani’s geographical location provides ideal conditions for eco-efficiency: the modular data center has fresh air cooling all year round.

Data centers are already consuming 3 % of the world’s energy and responsible for 2 % of total greenhouse gas emissions. We use 100 % certificated hydropower in all our data center production and office environments.

High capacity green power is provided within the Renforsin Ranta Business Park with links to the national grid. Redundant green power scalability is also possible up to hundreds of MWs. In addition, the region is investing heavily to wind farms and solar energy. Modern reuse of waste heat is available, and excess heat can be sold to municipal district heating network.