Scalability and regional strengths

The CSC data center is perfectly suited for modular expansion. The existing infrastructure has already been built for heavy industry use, and it can be re-built for the specific needs of our customers.

Finland’s stable geographical and political environment guarantees secure and long-standing operations. Local service providers and partner networks ensure rapid scalability. Finland is one of the best locations for data centers thanks to low operating costs and safe conditions.

According to Invest in Finland’s calculations operating a 10 MW data center in Finland would save €13 million over 3 years and a staggering €42 million in 10 years as opposed to the EU average.

There are no risk of seismic or volcanic activities, hurricanes, tidal or other form of severe weather. The Data Center Risk Index 2016 ranked Finland as the safest location for data centers in the EU and the fourth safest in the world.

In Kajaani, the local operators are already on-site, which means there are competent partners to run through the construction projects. The local authorities, university of applied sciences, funding organisations, as well as industry are all onboard. For data center employees, the region offers stunning nature, low living costs and excellent leisure activities.