Smart Specialisation

In the current competitive world, the European Union needs to ensure that all European investments create the best possible impact on the ground. Smart Specialisation is the collective process used by many European regions and countries to identify their strengths and their opportunities. It’s based on strong partnership between business, public sector and knowledge institutions to jointly design and implement their research and innovation investment strategies.

  • Finland is one of the best locations for datacenters thanks to low operating costs and safe conditions. The total electricity cost for industries in Finland is one of the lowest in Europe, being only €55 per MWh in 2016 (EU average €114 per MWh, according to Eurostat).
  • Since the operating costs, especially electricity, are considerably cheaper in Finland than in e.g. Southern Europe, this consortium is able to install a larger system at a lower price. According to Invest in Finland’s calculations operating a 10 MW data center in Finland would save €13 million over 3 years and a staggering €42 million in 10 years as opposed to the EU average.
  • Finland is one of the pioneers in telecommunication and internet technologies and this has provided Finnish companies a strong position as developers and providers of modern cloud based services.
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Geographical, political, social, economic stability

  • Finland and Kajaani are low-risk areas in terms of geographical, weather, political and man-made risks. There are no risks of seismic or volcanic activities, hurricane/tidal or other form of severe weather.  The Fragile States Index 2016 by Fund for Peace ranks Finland as the most stable and sustainable country in the world, and BMI Research (Fitch Group) predicts that Finland will also remain one of the most politically-stable countries globally over the next decade (2016–2025).

Safety and security

  • The Data Center Risk Index 2016 ranked Finland as the safest location for datacenters in the EU and the fourth safest in the world. Also other possible consortium parties are ranked as low risk countries.
  • Finland has a regulatory and legislative environment that respects online privacy and a flourishing cyber security sector capable of delivering the latest solutions to protect data from unlawful access. Finland offers one of the safest and most reliable environments in the world for storing and processing information.