Smart Specialisation

This consortium believes in smart specialisation: Europe needs to identify and leverage its competitive edges

Aiming for added value

In the current competitive world, the European Union needs to ensure that all European investments create the best possible impact on the ground. Smart Specialisation is the collective process used by many European regions and countries to identify their strengths and their opportunities. It is based on strong partnership between business, public sector and knowledge institutions to jointly design and implement their research and innovation investment strategies. Read more in our brochure (pdf)

“Placing Europe’s fastest supercomputer in Finland would significantly strengthen and complement Europe’s computing and data management research environment. In addition, it would serve the European industry and increase our expertise in the field. Placing the supercomupter in Finland would create the conditions for the creation of a wider datacluster. Kajaani is an excellent location for data centers due to cost-efficiency, environmental sustainability, and high information security.”

Mika Lintilä, Finland’s Minister of Economic Affairs

Leveraging the location

Finland is one of the best locations for datacenters, since it has low operating costs, safe environmental conditions, stable politics and extremely high security status. Here are some of the key factors that give Finland its competitive edge:

  • Total electricity cost for industries is one of the lowest in Europe
  • Pioneer in telecommunication and internet technologies
  • Ranked as the most stable and sustainable country in the world
  • Ranked as the safest place for datacenters in EU and 4th safest in the world
  • One of the safest and most reliable environments for storing and processing data
  • Finland and Kajaani are a low-risk areas in terms of geographical, weather, political and man-made risks