Sustainable Future

This consortium contributes to environmental sustainability and reducing the global carbon footprint

Negative carbon footprint

Global warming is causing long-lasting and potentially irreversible changes to our climate system. Therefore reducing our carbon footprint is a critical goal. The location of supercomputers has a significant impact, since HPC machines consume vast amounts of electricity. Due to Kajaani’s location in Northern Finland, the datacenter benefits from free cooling almost all-year-round, which saves a lot of electricity. The cooling is deployed efficiently and the waste heat generated is used to heat the datacenter premises. In the future the waste heat can also be used to heat local households. The overall carbon footprint of CSC Datacenter is negative.

Scalable green power

The energy production is 100 % certified hydropower. High capacity green power is provided within the Renforsin Ranta Business Park with links to the national grid. Furthermore, redundant green power scalability is possible up to hundreds of MWs. In addition, the region is investing heavily in wind farms and solar energy, which boosts the the eco-efficiency of CSC Datacenter even more.

What makes the CSC Datacenter unique?

CSC’s Kajaani datacenter offers unbeatable advantages such as energy and cost efficiency, societal and geographical stability and high security standards. It is the perfect environment for a state-of-the-art pre-exascale installation.

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